Links for staff

There are a multitude of staff information webpages across the University of Edinburgh. Below are a few of them which are largely navigation pages. None of them, of course, are provided by any of the campus unions other than this one!

University Staff
University Research staff
University Teaching and learning staff
University University contacts
EUSA Information For Staff

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Redundancy Avoidance

The Standing Consultative Committee for Redundancy Avoidance was established as part of the attached agreement on Consultation on Avoidance of Redundancy, which was finalised at the Combined Joint Negotiation and Consultation Committee (CJCNC) on 9 June 2008. The agreement includes SCCRA’s remit and constitution and also sets out broad principles for consultation on redundancy and commits some funds to support SCCRA’s work.

A Talent Register was been established as part of the agreement on redundancy avoidance.